What we do

Import and export of Quality Thai Products for the private label food & beverage sector; all natural and authentic Thai sauces, ready-made noodle meals, shrimp-based soups and meals, and bulk frozen shrimp.

Why Thailand ?

The wealth of the nation is shown by its quality of the infrastructure and the high quality of trading is indicating the will to develop the country.

The national resources as well as the skilled labour, intellectuals, and company directors everybody is putting his know-how at disposal of the companies world-wide. In addition, Bangkok boasts one of the largest trading hubs in Asia.

The exportation are improving of quality in numerous domain. The seriousness and the experience of our commercial relationship with Thailand is one of our added value.

Our experience in agribusiness and in textiles is most appreciated by our clients and the offer proposed by Thailand has proved that the country was up to our requirements. Moreover, the privileged relationship between Switzerland and Thailand is a major advantage for our business.